Why take Portuguese classes?

The 6th most spoken language in the world, Portuguese is a beautiful, lively, colorful language. Now you can finally understand all the words in the Girl from Ipanema... Imagine that!

On-Site & Distance Classes


We offer live and distance Brazilian Portuguese classes. Live classes occur in the Boulder/ Denver area, in Colorado and distance classes are taught over the phone, via web conferencing, such as Skype or oovoo.

Classes follow a communicative curriculum, in which speaking and listening skills are backed by a solid grammar foundation. In an effort to keep up with emerging technologies, we have adopted textbook and supporting materials, available in MP3 formats, which allow for listening and writing while providing reading practice.

Besides regular long-term classes, refresher courses, short courses for travelers and many other customized classes (accent reduction, grammar review, etc) are also available.

Cris Silva has taught Portuguese as a Foreign Language at many American universities such as Kent State University, The University of Colorado in Boulder and Regis University, since 1995.


Call (303) 499-0246, or email info@ALLinPortuguese.com to discuss your specific needs.

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