Webcast Interpretation:
Technology Meets Simultaneous Interpretation

webcast interpretation american translatorsHow does a simultaneous interpreter work from a home office and takes turns with a booth mate miles away? Would that ever work?  What are the drawbacks? What does a typical project look like? Read my article, When Technology Meets Simul Interpretation, published in April 2014 ATA Chronicle and leave me comments and questions here. Thanks for reading!

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An interpreter’s worst friend: a hot mic

A microphone gaffe, sometimes referred to as an open microphone (or open mic, for short), occurs when the microphone is turned on and the interpreter is unaware that his or her remarks are being broadcast. The unforgiving result is that the audience hears parts of private conversations in the booth. Continue reading

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AIIC Workshop for Portuguese C interpreters

The International Association of Conference Interpreters, AIIC, categorizes interpreters according to their A, B, or C languages. Interpreters work into their ‘A’ language or  their mother tongue in both consecutive and simultaneous modes.  Interpreters may also work into a  ‘B’ language because they are perfectly fluent in that language, but it is not their native language. Interpreters can work from a ‘C’ language, that is, one that they understand perfectly but into which they do not work.

Interpreters with Portuguese C or who would like to strengthen their Portuguese have a great opportunity to work with seasoned interpreters Raquel Schaitza and Richard Laver Continue reading

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Lojas Marisa e o erro de tradução na camiseta
(ou: mais um motivo para contratar um tradutor profissional)

Erro de tradução na camiseta no site das Lojas Marisa

Erro de tradução na camiseta no site das Lojas Marisa

A rede de lojas de departamentos Marisa causou uma enorme polêmica na terça-feira (29/10), ao permitir que uma camiseta masculina infanto-juvenil, à venda por R$ 9,99, fosse ao website com a frase em inglês “Great Rapers Tonight”. O problema é que a frase mal escrita quer dizer “ótimos estupradores esta noite”. O certo seria dizer “Great Rappers Tonight” e assim prestigiar os cantores de rap. Continue reading

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Traduções do português ao inglês:
tradutora credenciada pela American Translators Association

Em 2008, passei na prova de credenciamento da Associação Americana de Tradutores (American Translators Association) do inglês ao português e agora, em outubro de 2013, passei na prova de certificação do português ao inglês. Continue reading

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