If you, like many investors and students, need or want to read about Brazil and are not 100% fluent in Portuguese, Folha de São Paulo, Brazil’s second newspaper in circulation, has just started publishing an English and a Spanish version.

Although the English and Spanish versions are not identical to the larger and more complete Portuguese edition, they give English and Spanish readers a pulse of what’s currently happening in the country and what the Brazilian press is currently discussing. As one of cross-cultural consulting clients said: “get acquainted with Brazil before you get to Brazil.”

The following sections are available in English and Spanish:

All banners and advertising continue to be published in Portuguese, which may be a small inconvenience. Another detail that should be fixed is replacing the decimal comma for a period in the Brazilian stocks section.

I’m also curious to find out other sources of news about the Brazilian market in English, so if you have a favorite site, please let me know.


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