Whether you need a paragraph or a whole book or manual translated, edited or proofread into Portuguese, we’re here to deliver quality Portuguese language services. ALL in Portuguese offers Portuguese translation, editing and proofreading as stand-alone services or as a complete package. Promptness, accuracy and reliability are our trademarks.


PORTUGUESE TRANSLATION: understanding of the meaning of a written text, and subsequent production of an equivalent text, also called a translation, which communicates the same message in another language. The text to be translated is called the “source text,” in the “source language”, and the language it is to be translated into is called the “target language.” The final product is called the “target text.”

PORTUGUESE EDITING: revisions to improve the flow and structure of the work to maximize the impact of the piece.

PORTUGUESE PROOFREADING: the last step before the original is ready for press and looks for grammatical mistakes (spelling, word order, agreement, etc.).

Areas of Expertise for the Brazilian Market:

Marketing Materials

● Promotional brochures
● Ads, fliers, catalogs
● Collaterals
● Websites
● Presentations and slideshows
● Advertising projects
● Direct marketing material
● Branding
● Transcreation


● Contracts and agreements
● Training manuals
● Business cards and brochures
● Press releases and publicity
● Newsletters
● Questionnaires and surveys
● Labels and packaging
● Press releases
● Reports & Spreadsheets


● Court documents and affidavits
● Depositions
● Settlements
● Contracts and agreements
● Insurance forms
● Trade Agreements
● Purchase Agreements
● Service Agreements
● Immigration documents

Education & Academic

● Educational records
● Birth certificates
● Marriage licenses
● Transcripts
● Résumés
● Letters of reference
● Document & e-mails
● Publications

Software Localization

● User guides and manuals
● Quick reference guides
● Software user or reference guides
● Hardware reference and user
● Firmware & related materials
● Help, CGI, RC and associated files


● Medical records and exams
● Equipment manuals
● Medical software
● Medications
● Articles for publication in
specialized journals


● Forms and claims
● Litigations
● Losses

Corporate Materials

● Corporate manuals
● Training materials
● Production manuals


● Business and personal letters
● Memos and e-mails
● Faxes


● Satellite technology
● Printing industry
● Software Engineering
● Aviation

Miscellaneous Publications

● Magazine or trade journal articles
● Newsletters
● Technical reports
● Speeches
● General business

Why you should hire me?

Bookworm and Worldwide Traveller

I read dictionaries and travel to far-away places for a living. In 1997, I earned an MA in Translation from Kent State University and I’m currently certified by the ATA, from English to Portuguese, Portuguese to English. These show just a part of my commitment to the world of language services.

Linguistic Ninja, Word Juggler

I enjoy translating and interpreting and over the course of my 15-year-old career, I’ve translated about: irrigation, fashion, business, aviation, weapons of mass destruction, law, etc. I enjoy pouring myself over to research topics that matter to you!

Joie de vivre is in my DNA.

You’ve got linguistic problems. I can help! I can manage complex linguistic translation and interpretation projects, and have also earned a Basic Terminology Manager Certificate from ECQA.