A hot market that has been on everybody’s radar recently, Brazil has a large and diversified economy. According to export.gov, top US export prospects to Brazil include:

Brazil has a business culture that is based on cultivating strong personal relationships. In order to cultivate such relationships, speak to your customers in Portuguese!

And that’s where the State Trade and Export Promotion Grant Program (STEP) comes in. This is a trade and export initiative that offers grants for states to assist  eligible small business so they can succeed in the international marketplace. Besides knowing regulations and the business climate, being sucessful in exporting depends on communicating effectively with customers in their native language. Don’t understand it, won’t buy it… What are you waiting for? Write a grant to cover the expenses of website, brochure and other translation needs.

Visit the US Small Business Administration’s website to find details about programs within your own state and let ALL in Portuguese help you with your translation and interpretation needs :).

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