Coolest nationality in the world? You betcha!

Beating Singaporeans, Jamaicans, Turks, Belgians, Nepalese, Botswanans, Chinese, Japanese and a few others, Brazilians were awarded the title of coolest nationality in the world by CNN Go.

Surely enough, “Without Brazilians we wouldn’t have samba and Rio Carnival; we wouldn’t have the soccer beauty of Pelé and Ronaldo; we wouldn’t have the minuscule swimwear and toned bodies of Copacabana Beach; and we wouldn’t have certain eye-watering procedures performed with wax”.

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Aconteceu na ABRATES 2015

A ABRATES, a Associação Brasileira de Tradutores e Intérpretes, acaba de lançar uma pesquisa feita recentemente em 2015, mapeando o perfil de tradutores e intérpretes no Brasil. Afinal, os tradutores no Brasil são formados em tradução, em sua maioria?

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