Freelancing as an OPI and Webcast Interpreter – Part I: Over-The-Phone Interpretation

ATA Webinar SeriesOn January 25th, 2012, I had the opportunity to present a webinar for the ATA Webinar Series: Freelancing as an OPI and Webcast Interpreter. I was happy to have about 70 curious participants, eager to know about emerging technologies in interpretation and if webcast interpretation was really for them.

During the one-hour presentation, we covered a lot of ground and discussed the following topics for both OPI (Over-the-Phone Interpretation) and Webcast Interpretation, two modes of interpretation where interpreters work at home, in a quiet environment. This post is about OPI. You can read about Webcast Interpreting here.

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Over-the-Phone and Webcast Interpreting Webinar  on January 25, 2012, @12 noon, EST

OK, I know it’s shameless self-promotion :), but I’m up for one of the American Translators Association Webinar Series in January. I’m honored by the invitation and I’ll be sharing my experience in distance and remote interpreting and discussing the skills and training needed to perform remotely. I’m also looking forward to discussing:

  • The ideal interpreter profile
  • Basic remote set-up
  • Challenges and difficulties
  • Real-time problem solving
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