Webcast Interpretation: Technology Meets Simultaneous Interpretation

webcast interpretation american translatorsHow does a simultaneous interpreter work from a home office and takes turns with a booth mate miles away? Would that ever work?  What are the drawbacks? What does a typical project look like? Read my article, When Technology Meets Simul Interpretation, published in April 2014 ATA Chronicle and leave me comments and questions here. Thanks for reading!

Presenting at InterpretAmerica – The Cutting Edge: Bringing Interpreting to the Forefront

Cris Silva is honored to talk about webcast interpretation at 2013 InterpretAmericaInterpretAmerica, the premier interpreting event combining conference, court, medical, community and conflict zone interpretation will take place in Reston, VA, June 14 and 15.  Organized by Katharine Allen and Barry Olsen, this event always delivers great value for interpreters and buyers of interpretation services. This year, the theme is The Cutting Edge: Bringing Interpreting to the Forefront. And that means that you can attend the second day of the event, June 15, from the comfort of your home, with a high-speed internet connection. Click here to register.

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American Translators Association 53th Annual Conference in San Diego, October 24-27, 2012

The American Translators Association Conference Program is out, at http://atanet.org/conf/2012/sessionschedule.php.

There’s so much to do and learn in San Diego, this is going to be an awesome Conference!

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Over-the-Phone and Webcast Interpreting Webinar  on January 25, 2012, @12 noon, EST

OK, I know it’s shameless self-promotion :), but I’m up for one of the American Translators Association Webinar Series in January. I’m honored by the invitation and I’ll be sharing my experience in distance and remote interpreting and discussing the skills and training needed to perform remotely. I’m also looking forward to discussing:

  • The ideal interpreter profile
  • Basic remote set-up
  • Challenges and difficulties
  • Real-time problem solving
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