Brazil Denver BoulderThe 2nd Annual Colorado Brazil Festival is coming to Boulder, August 1-4, 2013. There will be several workshops (capoeira, percussion and dance) and performances (Bossa Nova and Brazilian Jazz, Forró and Choro dance night, Grand Finale with SambaDendê, Ginga, Bateria Alegria, Samba and Capoeira performances, and an outdoor Brazilian style BBQ with pagode to close the festival).

Our friends at CBF need your help to make it real. By pledging at the Kickstarter Fundraiser Campaign, you’ll get tickets, T-shirts, passes for workshops or all the events while helping us reach our goal of $3,500. A pledge of any amount will help. Please go to  and make your pledge.

Here are some links:

Facebook event page:

Colorado Brazil Fest website:

Boulder Samba School:

Vamos lá, gente!

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