We have spent and probably will spend most of the day at our tabletop booth, which sits on a table. Unfortunately, this is an open, uncovered, “invisible” booth. I was hoping for at least a semi-enclosed booth, which would both isolate us and allow for a better working space. The good thing about it is that it’s very portable and it can be set up and operated by one person.

Because we have 20-some people in our small classroom, perhaps the tabletop booth makes sense, as it requires minimal space and setup. I want to think that we’re positioned as optimally as it’s been possible for this interpretation assignment, but we still have to deal with a door that I keep closing to make sure that we don’t have so much interference. Because our tabletop invisible booth is not at all soundproof, it’s great that they’ve positioned us with our backs facing the wall, as we face the side of the classroom.

So, what’s really good? That we have an unobstructed view of speakers, whiteboard and video and that we have plenty of outlets for our electronic devices and laptops 🙂

As I said, because the booth is “invisible”, we must pay attention to the invisible boundaries that separate our space from the audience and educate them to do the same, for example, not interrupting us when we’re interpreting. We’re still prone to accidents such as water spills, microphone bumps, wires that could disconnect and, of course, never trusting the mute button.

My hope is that more clients than not will sooner than later start using standard booths.  According to the AIIC website, ISO standards require:

  • booths that measure 2.5 meters in width by 2.3 in height by 2.4 in depth, to accommodate the work space for two people for six to seven hours a day
  • an unobstructed view of hall and screen, guaranteeing accessibility and visibility
  • anti-glare windows
  • sound proofing
  • built-in cables
  • separate air conditioning and lighting
  • working surface dimensions that are large enough to take notes and manage documents
  • consoles
  • chairs
    I will keep dreaming of this booth tonight, but tomorrow, none of this will matter, it’s field trip day!

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