The following is an announcement received from Elena Langdon, the ATA Portuguese Language Division’s Administrator about an upcoming conference.

Don’t wait until the last minute! Only three more days to register with early bird rates for the 14th Mid-Year Conference of the Portuguese Language Division of the American Translators Association.
Photo credit: National Cherry Blossom Festival
Why should you come to the PLD Mid-Year Conference (MYC) on April 8 and 9?

Reason 1: Where else can you attend 9 professional development sessions (12 hours!) all specific to Portuguese? See the program (here) for details. Language-specific conferences are also great for specializing, which can mean more money for you.

Reason 2: Don’t just network: build relationships with your most important colleagues through our 15 hours of outings and dining. Experienced colleagues have told me that they get the vast majority of their work through colleague recommendations.

Reason 3: How else can you get a room in the DC area for $149 a night, $75 if you share? Take advantage of the trip to see DC! It is cherry blossom season!

Reason 4: You can attend the talk on how to do your best on the ATA certification exam Friday, then take the exam Sunday morning at the same hotel!

See our website for full details. To register, go here.

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