Welcome to ALL in Portuguese



Need a word, a paragraph, a page or a book translated from English into Portuguese or Portuguese to English? I can help!
I offer Portuguese translation, editing and proofreading by themselves or as a complete package. I’m meticulous and reliable and will help you communicate with Brazil and beyond.



Let me be your voice and help you do business with Brazil and the rest of the Portuguese speaking world! For the past 15 years, I’ve worked in big convention centers, conference halls, hospitals, court rooms and will handle your interpretation needs with accuracy and the professional quality you expect. You can hire me or any of the fabulous colleagues with whom I partner.



Need a voice to help you sell a product or a service? Hire me! I do off-camera, and have a warm, girl-next-door voice. I’ve done voice-overs and narrations in Brazilian Portuguese for commercial, industrial and educational products and services.



Let’s say that your company needs you to develop intercultural skills and become culturally competent for an upcoming trip to Brazil. In 8 or 16 hours (one or two days, I can present the tools and techniques necessary to live and work in Brazil.

Why should you hire me?

Bookworm and Worldwide Traveler

Me? I have sassy-strong opinions on language, words, food and places…
I also read dictionaries and travel to far-away places for a living. In 1997, I earned an MA in Translation from Kent State University’s Institute for Applied Linguistics. I see no reason to go a single day without translation, interpretation, English and, of course, Portuguese!

Linguistic Ninja, Word Juggler

I enjoy translating and interpreting and over the course of my 15-year-old career, I’ve translated about: irrigation, fashion, business, aviation, weapons of mass destruction, law, etc. I enjoy pouring myself over to research topics that matter to you!

Language is in my DNA.

You’ve got linguistic problems. I can help! I can manage complex linguistic translation and interpretation projects, and have also earned a Basic Terminology Manager Certificate from ECQA.